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Doodle Generations Explained
There are so many generations and types of Goldendoodles out there, it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out which is which! Here is a brief explanation of some of the options out there.....
F1  Generation:
Golden Retriever X Poodle
This type of doodle can shed, whether it be medium shedding or light shedding. They tend to have a wavy to slightly curly coat. ( Elsa)
F1b Generation:
F1 Doodle X Poodle
This type of doodle is extreme low to non-shedding. They tend to have a curlier coat than other generations of doodles. This generation is the friendliest for allergy sufferers. (Cooper, Sophie, Echo, Pippa, Hera)
F2 Generation:
F1 Doodle X F1 Doodle
This generation can vary just like the F1 and F2b generation. Although there is a higher chance of a Retriever gene coming through and creating a doodle that looks like a Retriever and may/may not shed. 
(This is not a generation that we breed, for coat genetics reasons.)
F2b Generation:
F1 Doodle X F1b Doodle
This type of doodle, we can see a wide variety of coat types within a litter. We can see puppies with coats that range all the way from an F1 type to a super curly F1b type and everything in between. This is another allergy friendly generation.
F3 Generation:
F1b Doodle X F1b Doodle 
(this would be the only way we would breed an F3)
F2 Doodle X F2 Doodle 
(we would not breed our F3's in this manner)

This generation can vary from a heavy wave to very curly. 
Another allergy friendly type when done correctly.

F1bb Generation:
F1b Goldendoodle x Poodle
This generation retains a high level of consistency. This is an intensely allergy friendly generation where the puppies should be the highest degree of non-shedding if they ever shed at all. There can be some slight coat variety within a litter but expect curls.  (Charlotte)
Multi-Gen Doodle:
This is used to describe any type of doodle that is beyond second generation where the exact mathematical equation might not be equatable. 
F3, F1bb and F2b can be considered a multi-gen type of doodle since both are technically third generation.  (Benny)

Bernedoodle (F1):
Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle
These are wonderful family pets who tend to have a lovely shaggy coat type.

Golden Mountain Doodle:
Bernedoodle x Goldendoodle
Bernese Mountain Dog x Goldendoodle
Due to the different ways of breeding this generation, you could see anything from an F1 type coat, to an F2b type coat.

If you have any questions about doodle coats/generation types just ask!

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